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Hearing aids that make a loud style statement

Hearing aid comes as a blessing for those who are not bestowed with this powerful sense or lose it with time and age. Nobody likes to be identified as a person with disability because of the conventional protruding device made for hearing-impaired people. To find an appropriate solution to this problem, designers have come up with hearing aids that double up as fashion accessories as well. They serve the auditory function and also add to the user’s personality. Here are 10 hearing aids that shout aloud their fashion statement.

Flower Hearing Aid

Flower Hearing Aid is a perfect hearing device. It has good reception, voice clarity and the ability to block out unnecessary noises. The batteries inside are rechargeable. However, the specialty of this hearing aid is that it has been camouflaged elegantly as a flower clip. Designer Hanna Helm seems to have taken into account the embarrassment and social stigma that come along with the hearing problems. Younger women will surely appreciate the dainty flower clip with the embedded hearing device.

Deafinite Style hearing aid

For those suffering from medium level hearing disability, the German Designaffairs Studio has come up with a neat model for better hearing. It has been designed as a ring that sits like a rim in earlobe. It screams out the most modern style statement along with providing a hearing aid. The effectiveness is enhanced by the perfect positioning of microphones via the new TriMic system. Another hearing aid called as “PLUG” is available by the same designers to assist people with severe hearing disabilities.

El-Egance hearing device

Hearing aid as jewelry has been a sought-after concept to solve two problems in one shot. The El hearing device concept is on the verge of making it a reality. The hearing aid is crafted as beautiful earrings to be worn on both the ears for clear sound. The volume and frequency controls for these hearing aids will be embedded in rings that are to be worn on index fingers of both hands. Finally, the display case where the entire setup is placed acts as a charging station. It is a “sound” idea indeed!

Phonak Audeo

Going by conventional designs, Phonak Audeo has created a standard hearing aid but with a smaller and neater shape to make it hide in the ear. The designing is so elegant and performance so powerful that it has been touted as a personal communication assistant instead of a hearing aid. It features two powerful microphones and high frequency optimization. That’s not it! They come in 15 different shades to choose from. The $4000 that you pay for it seems well justified.

Sounds Good

The SoundsGood device is shaped as earring and doubles up as hearing aid. What makes these earrings special is that they actively give feedback to the speaker, whether the sound level is low, right or too high and also if the speech is too slow or too fast. Different colors and occurrence of waves present various messages. Being located close to the eyes, the device ensures that the vital eye contact is not lost during a conversation. The device is highly personalized by the doctors through the process of inputting data and information.

Cochlear Revolve concept

Doing away with disadvantages of the conventional Cochlear implant device is the Cochlear Revolve concept that attempts to be non-intrusive for the user. All the basic and vital parts that constitute the device are changeable and up-gradable. This ensures that users can upgrade their device with the change in technology. Being light and small, the device also lends a lot of flexibility and ease to the users. The hinge of the device can be adjusted, which means that the device can grow along with its user.

Ecocoon reverse hearing aid

Designaffairs Studio has come up with a radically new idea and has developed it into a commercial prototype as well. Termed as the Ecocoon, this device protects your ears from the crazy noise at crowded places. It allows the user to filter low, medium and high frequencies to hear only what is necessary. When set into the shut off mode, it will create your own personal sound-free space. It is s perfect idea for a virtual retreat to calm the nerves. Of course, it doubles up as a stylish piece of jewelry too.

Zon hearing aid

Awarded as the best designer product by the National Design Museum, the Zon has been shaped as a tiny earring, the fashionable kind that teens would love to wear. The device comes in different colors to suit different complexions. The creative design ensures that it does not look like any electronic device. Stuart Karten, the designer of this elegant piece will definitely be proud of it.

Siemens hearing aid

The D7 Pure from Siemens is a well crafted hearing aid that takes fashion and elegant designing to the new levels of perfection. The gentle lines of the product and its neutral grey color make it unisex. The device is light and sits neatly behind the ear. It provides tremendous potential to a hearing impaired person. The ear plug is soft and gentle and sits neatly in the crevice of the ear.

Wirear hearing Aids

The Wirear hearing aid is an ultimate blend of form and function. The sleek device comes in multiple colors and offers a great variety full of style. The “micro fuel cell” embedded in the device ensures that its usability is enhanced many times. The linear arrangement of components within the device ensures that greater space is available in a smaller sized device. The Wirear is so flexible that it can suit any ear organically without the need for customization. The position of the microphone ensures maximum sound capture while the speaker in the ear canal reduces auditory feedback and echo sensation.

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