Headset for the completely deaf is astounding

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Deafness is a very limiting condition; I once had got hit on my ear with a football and had suffered temporary impaired hearing. Thus, I can totally empathize with those who suffer limited or restricted movement due to this condition. Brain is a designer who looks to alleviate this condition with the usage of the specialized headphones, ‘Hearing Aid’, that he has designed. Although they are still a concept, if and when manufactured they can prove to be a boon. The basic premise of the design lies on the fact that what lays beyond our field of vision influences our hearing perception. This means that what we cannot see and lies in our blind spot area can be perceived when we hear what’s coming from there. The headset that Brian has developed features five infrared sensor beams along with sound microphones that replicate the perception felt in this blind spot area, as the wearer needs to place the headphone at the back of his head. The intuitive sensors guide the wearer by pulsating slight vibrations via the pads placed at the base of the neck. Nothing compares to complete healthy eyesight, but for those less fortunate, this could be the consolation they were looking for.

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