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Head massager relieves tension and gives your health a boost

You will look like a sci-fi or tech geek with one of these on your head. Wondering what hi tech purpose does this contraption carry out? Don’t thick so hard, the task carried out by this doodad is not that uncommon. This is a simple brain massager for your head. The lightweight piece with a futuristic design is up for sale on Klear Gear for $39.95.

Head Spa

The gizmo gives a rubdown to your head very gently. All your tensions will melt away once this massager gets to work. While kneading your head, it also stimulates all the nerve ends located on your scalp. There are thousands of nerve endings on your head but this massager will successfully invigorate all of them. You will feel rejuvenated and relaxed after the massage session is over.

The easy to operate system has a plug and play mechanism. It is really convenient and everyone will be able to use it effortlessly. On its exterior is an on/off button along with a USB port. Just because there is a USB doesn’t mean that this piece works only when it is attached to your computer. An A/C adapter and batteries have also been provided to operate the piece via power outlets.

The gizmo boasts of 8 different massage intensities and can change between the different intensities very smoothly. Also, its size can be adjusted, so different people can easily use the same piece. Now, you can bid farewell to any pain or stress. In addition, it will also improve your metabolism, memory, blood circulation, immunity and sleep quality immensely.

Via: Klear Gear/ PRWeb

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