HARP: Play music in public and share it around the world

harp 01

Music is possibly the lone language that knows no boundaries and attracts followers all across the globe. Counting on the worth of music, designer Dan LaBarca teaming up with Jeff Watson has devised a communal musical instrument for urban parks, uniting people under one universal language. Hailed as “HARP” (Harmony and Acoustic Research Project), the musical installation is made of weatherproof material and lets musicians as well as non-musicians play music with ease. Spreading in a radius of 10 feet, the musical instrument is divided into 4 different quadrants that lets the users try their hands on electric organ, piano, steel drums and chimes. Designed to install in public parks worldwide, the musical instrument can be remotely connected via satellite to facilitate international musical collaborations among its users.

harp 02
harp 03
harp 04
harp 05

Via: Behance

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