Hanging Hotel offers resting space and breathtaking views for rock climbers

Hanging Hotel situated in South France Massif de L’ Esterel, for Holden Manz Wine Estate Cape Town, is a suspended campsite for rock climbers. It will give rock climbers an opportunity to soothe themselves and also let them savor panoramic views before they start their journey again. The structure comprises of surfaces that are somewhat rooted inside the rock and partially protrude out as well. It is an aesthetic combination of pods and platforms that unfurls an attention grabbing facade.

Hanging Hotel

Hanging Hotel, a brilliant design by Dr. Margot Krasojevic, has been specially made to be used as a rest area for climbers. Steel horizontal columns, frames and piles have been used to fashion out the inside pods and the primary platforms. Supporting the structure further is the wooden walkway that makes up the secondary structure. The pods are separated by the presence of a carbon fiber reinforced polymer shell and laminated plywood paneling, which also forms the tertiary structure. Further, elastic plaster and pain are used to give it an eye catching finishing.

The pods will calm senses, by relaxing climbers mentally that will prepare them for the journey ahead. Moreover, it will unfurl a meditative environment that will help revitalize the climbers. The pods look like a beautiful extension of the rock surface as a part of these hangs off the rock. The presence of fist and finger jams makes it possible to assess the platforms as it creates an artificial climbing surface.

Via: Arch Daily

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