Handcrafted iPad stand made from carpenters tools

You don’t have to be skilled at woodwork or carpentry to construct this iPad stand. Interestingly, you don’t even need conventional building supplies to make it. Instead, what you need is the standard tools any carpenter uses. You heard it right, this marvelous iPad dock being sold at Etsy, is actually made with tools like a wooden dowel, screwdriver and a couple of hammers. Only repurposed tools have been used and its exterior looks quite mechanized.

Repurposed Tool iPad Stand

The piece with an easygoing quaint appeal is actually a handmade piece. It’s refreshing lure is very different from the factory made pieces flooded in the market. Various practical and thoughtful add-ons make it really usable. The angle of the iPad can be easily adjusted. Moreover, you can also dock your phone in the portrait or landscape mode. And if you are willing to dabble in a bit of craft yourself, you could make this piece on your own too. The clever creation of Docks4iPods is being sold for $95.

It will look damn cool with rustic or industrial settings. And if by chance, you happen to have steampunk pieces in your abode, then this swell addition will compliment them immensely. Most pieces with impeccable finishing are so neat and clean that they end up oozing out an utterly feminine vibe. But this one is so damn masculine. And all the women out there please note, the piece will make a great gift for your guy friends.

Via: Gizmodo / Etsy

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