Hammock finds a place inside with Hammock Couch

couch aD2fO 58

Finding trees to hang a hammock on is rendered almost impossible these days. But then the relaxation provided by just laying on a hammock for hours is unmatched. How about importing the idea inside of your home with Hammock Couch? Jill Davis worked on a theme of ‘Natural’ and ‘Getaway’ and came up with a couch that provides relaxation at par with a hammock. Hammock Couch imitates the rocking motion of a hammock and for this purpose has a clam shell shape. And to provide for the airy feeling, that’s so characteristic of an afternoon outside, the Hammock Couch moved away from a traditionally stuffed form to a more ventilated form. The back support arches wonderfully and looks inviting to just lay back and rest. The concept has essentially focused on manufacturability and there is little going against its translation into a physical product. Check out another picture below. Hammock Couch will introduce the outdoor feeling into the indoor confines.

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Via: Jilldavisdesign

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