Hammock compatible sleeping bag provides full protection against cold weather

Hiking is fun, but when it comes to dozing off for a refreshing day ahead many fall prey to bad bedding and sleeping bags. To give hikers all the warmth while they slip into deep slumber is the ingeniously designed Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag, which will lend the much required comfort even when at a rough spot or in cold weather.Sleeping Bag Hammock

Sleeping in a tent doesn’t always prove to be a great option, keeping in mind the poisonous creatures and insects that may crawl over you, which makes a hammock the best option. But, the same hammock will fail to provide warmth and comfort if the temperature dips as the sleeping bag gets compressed under the body weight leaving the back of a person cold. Creating a cocoon will be the design by Grand Trunk that comprises of an insulated sleeping bag.

This bag will envelop the hammock in a way creating a warm sleeping zone, while keeping you insulated from cold air. The presence of full length zippers in the design (on both sides) makes it easy for a person to get inside and out of the Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag. The top and bottom have a zippered pass through design that gives the flexibility to thread the hammock through the bag in turn secure safely draping it around the hammock.

The bungee cord loops present at the bottom secure bag around the hammock and ensures further comfort. A draft collar that has a hook and loop closure tab makes sure that your head and shoulders don’t get bitten by cold. It has a weight of 2lbs 10oz that makes it easy to carry around. So, next time if you plan to go hiking with friends make sure you carry the Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag that will keep you warm as you snuggle in it.

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