Halo Pod mobile food cooker can help you stick to diet resolutions

Created by designer Kristina Vuletic for the Electrolux Design Lab 2011, the Halo Pod is a modular cooking system for the diet conscious consumer on the go. The pod is fitted with individually controlled units that cook food on the go so that whenever the user needs to have lunch or dinner, they get a freshly cooked meal everytime. The three essential components of a well balanced meal, namely vegetable, carbohydrate and protein, are cooked in different parts of the pod that feature settings customized to the cook times of different foods.

Halo Pod Mobile Cooking System

For a person of a medium fitness level and a medium build, the Halo Pod prepares a sufficient amount of food. Wireless induction technology fitted within the handle of the pod transmits power to individual pods to cook the food stored in different modules. Each pod comes fitted with a magnetic lock at its back which makes transport of the entire unit easier.

Pod one is designed for high heat cooking and frying of proteins and vegetables and accommodates 250 milliliters in volume. Pod two is designed to cook vegetables, grains or sauces and accommodates 500 milliliters in volume. Pod three accommodates is sufficient for cooking a portion of grains, vegetables or soup a can hold 750 milliliters in volume. An induction coil in the base of each pod individually heats each pod. As neither pod is reliant on one another, multiple pod use combinations can be configured according to the needs of the user. A colander lid allows for easy draining of excess liquid and while the unit is being transported, a sealed lid prevents spills.

Heat resistant Polyeretherethreketone (PEEK) plastic is used to fashion the Finger Safe grips on the cooking bowl and the bowl base for easy handling and transport. Each pod can be independently operated by touch controls and the cooking bowls constructed of porcelain can be used as crockery. The recipe book application, connectivity status between the pods and the on/off status of the pods is indicated by lights that help users conserve power.

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