Hadrian toilet partitions utilize waste space


Using public toilets come tagged with a lot of drawbacks. One major snag is the lack of usable space for placing items like handbags and coats. If you have ever faced such a trouble while using a toilet in a public area, then read ahead. Julia Quancard has designed a smart partition wall, which will offer more facilities than one can imagine in such places. Christened “Hadrian,” the toilet partitions come dipped with user-friendly traits.

The plain concept will be available in a variety of forms to please various clients. The designs have been brought to life by enveloping PET surfaces with vinyl. The designer has worked on the dimensions, materials and accessories used while crafting the partitions. This resulted in an environment that is all the more comforting, accessible and unfurls private space.

The width of the attention-grabbing design was enlarged by 10 inches to allow additional space. This space was utilized ingeniously to wedge a second shelf, making good use of the area that would have got wasted otherwise. The shelf can be used to place electronic items, jackets, shopping bags and even coffee cups. Privacy was further accelerated by bringing down the distance between the floor and side panel by 3.5 inch.

Both, the inside and outside of the design have eye-appealing graphics. This sprinkles a relaxing environment and will make users feel comfortable. So, get ready to feel special even at public places with the Hadrian toilet partitions.

[Cheers Julia]

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