Gypsy Wheel proves to be more of a decoration piece than an audio system

gypsy wheel installation

Brooklyn based artist, Wang Jinsheng, has created more of an art piece rather than an audio system.

Devising an audio system out of salvaged rubber tires and fitting them expertly with bicycle parts namely some brake levers and callipers, he was able to grab enough attention. All he had to do was fit the tires with some speaker cones and further mount them onto drum kits. Of course, the sound is a bit elusive as you can hardly expect any sound to come out of the contraption.

Just use it to please your eyes instead of your ears and you would remain a happy soul. The Gypsy Wheel, as it has been named, is more of an aesthetically pleasing device rather than an audio system.

The wheel is ideal for restaurants and bars where it can be placed to please the incoming customers and can prove its worth as a showpiece.

Via: Core77

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