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Guo Wei Chen’s lantern to guide people during a blackout

Scared of a blackout and feel that you will get hurt or break something while trying to find a flashlight? Then have a look at the amazing Lantern created by designer Guo Wei Chen that will guide you completely in case an unexpected blackout occurs. It has a height, diameter and weight measuring 14 inches, 8 inches and 10 pounds, respectively.


The one of its only kind design comprises of eight light discs that are used when detached. These discs can be placed in a way that will create an illuminating path in the house, making sure you don’t bump into furniture or other things. All these discs come embedded with a notion detector, which will save power when the path is not being used by someone. These discs effortlessly glide down the center rod and are placed on the floor after being dispensed from the lantern. As soon as these discs touch the floor they get activated.

Picking the discs from the floor is as easy as placing them. All you have to do is push down on the disc while placing the lantern on it and see the lighting disc gets locked in the right place as it gets pushed up the center battery rod. The design comprises of a charging place, which is used to charge the lantern once all the discs are in place. An indicator light will easily tell when the lantern is fully charged. Lithium ion battery, located in the center rod, is used to charge the discs to be used in an emergency.

The amazing design comprises of a radio and built in speaker, which keep the user entertained and well informed. The Lantern also features a 3.2 inch digital display, which gives the battery information and that of the radio. Charging cell phones and electronic gadgets will be supported by the design, thanks to the presence of USB and power outlets. So, never feel scared or trapped in case of a blackout as this lantern will kill all darkness.

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