Guitar urinal for guys who want to make music as they pee

Men like to hum or whistle or even sing when they pee and it is a natural phenomenon that has never been quite understood by either scientists or women. However, the fact was just the inspiration Sao Paulo, Brazil-based advertising agency AlmapBBDO needed to create a urinal that would allow even the most musically unblessed of men to make sweet music as they pee. Following in the footsteps of urinal designs that allow men to let out their creativity using the flow of their bodily fluids like Toink-The Urinal, the Guitar Pee allows men to create unique electric guitar solos as they empty their bladders.

Guitar Pee

Created for a Billboard Magazine competition, Guitar Pee uploads each musical piece in the Guitar Pee Gallery, which allows men to download their unique “mpee3” on their mobile phones. The Guitar Pee has been installed in several pubs and bars in the city of São Paulo with the Guitar Pee Gallery registering over 1,500 individual guitar solos from toilet users.

Guitar Pee

Whether the Guitar Pee Urinal would catch on as the trendiest way to empty one’s bladder in a public restroom is anybody’s guess now. However, we are sure the design would certainly pop in the private bathrooms of famed musicians and eccentric millionaires, though we hope record label do not resort to releasing “pee solos” from these artists to the public.

Guitar Pee

Via: I Believe in Adv/ Walyou

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