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Guinness Dead Sea Bar built inside a submarine

Guinness surely knows how to celebrate and the world famous beer label did go all the way to mark its 250th anniversary. The idea of a submarine turned bar does sound like quite a stretch. But the company took to it and commissioned a $125000 bar to be built inside a submarine. The liner, dubbed as Guinness Dead Sea Bar, will be created by London based Jump Studios.

submersible bar

This undoubtedly is a good way to commemorate the episode of brewer Arthur Guinness contracting lease for the St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin for an astounding 9000 years. The submarine bar will be launched in waters of the Baltic off Stockholm in Sweden. It has been designed to reflect the brands trademark slogan- ‘Alive Inside.’

The harp logo of the company along with a sign that reads 250 in rivets has been stamped outside the vessel. The submarine’s shell was constructed using six different modular components. Surface pressure will be maintained inside as the vessel will retain contact with the surface of the water all the time. In fact, the concept is a lot like the numerous liners that ferry passengers on short underwater trips.

The interiors are pretty submarine like with the porthole windows and all that. The seating and tables are kind of camouflaged and merge into the walls of the cruiser. The glass reinforced plastic interior has fluid lines and looks quite runny. The whole layout with the bubble like design imprinted inside is a stark representation of the jaunt you’re about to embark on in this liner. Also, the LEDs and glass holders entrenched into the surface of tables add immensely to the look of the interiors.

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