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Grow plants on walls of your house with Urbio

Many people just love gardens but don’t have space to grow plants inside the house. If you live in a space cramped home but nurture a fondness for gardening, then you must take a look at this modular, minimal and flexible gardening system. Known as Urbio, the system mainly consists of planters and plates that can be mounted on the walls of your home. And not just walls, they can cling to all ferrous surfaces like bathroom mirrors, metal planes and even doors of refrigerators.

Versatile Urbio System

Not sure what this add-on will look like in your abode? Well, you can take small steps in the beginning and mount only a few planters at first. Once you get used to these, just go ahead and add more as and when you like. The system is a fitting choice for small sized plants, flowers and shoots. Herbs, creepers, dainty flowers and bamboo will work well with it. Moreover, the installation process will be a breeze and you can take help of the wall template for planning out their placement.

Think that managing your new decor will be a hassle? No need to stress out as this is a no bother way of doing up your home. The high strength neodymium magnets of the planters glue to your wall real neat. They bond with ferrous surfaces and also to each other very easily. Moreover, they can be detached and rearranged anytime.

Also, look at all the fun things you can do with Urbio. The versatile system literally sets you free and lets you get creative. The planters and containers are available in a plethora of shapes and sizes. They can be tall, short, wide, slender, rounded, boxed or even in the form of wall plates. So go ahead, chalk out patterned designs, or jumble up slew of different shapes, Urbio is as crazy as you want it to be.

Via: My Urbio/ Inhabitat

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    I’m very much interested in getting one – two. Do you have a distributor in Manila? If not, how much is it per pot? per magnetic base? What’s the dimension per base? per pot?



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