Groceries, shopping or travel. Let Levo Cart get you to an easy start

The basic structure of a shopping cart has been turned around a bit to craft this ergonomic design that is a lot more functional. This cart has many handy features that have been overlooked till now. There are two baskets placed on top of each other. The sleek frame with a hooked handle on top easily bears the weight of your luggage. The cart is chic to look at. It has clean lines and a swish finish. The ingenious product is an academic project by Matheus Pinto and Fernando Ximenes.

Shopping cart

The Levo shopping cart is a boon for people who do not want to drive their car to the supermarket, especially if it is located at a stone’s throw from their home. Just wheel all your supplies back home in this cart and you won’t miss your car. You can effortlessly haul even bulky and heavy supplies in it without sweating it out. The space inside can accommodate all kinds of supplies. Be it merchandise, mechanized gear or a big floppy bag. In fact, you can also carry it to a grocery store.

Here is a brief account of its cool features. Firstly, the aluminum structure can be detached from the baskets. Also, you will get a tight grip on the handles that have a rubber casing. The adjustable height is a huge plus. If you are short, then the cart will not be hitting you smack in the face and in case you are tall, then you won’t have to bend low to reach for the supplies. Its movements are smooth and slick thanks to the sturdy wheels with rugged rubber tires. So, it will be a cinch to haul this one around. Moreover, none of the features are complicated. Understanding and implementing them is really easy.

Via: Designlike

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