Griffin’s SmartTalk Solar speakerphone lets you take calls while driving

A hands free speaker that syncs with your phone easily and can be powered using sunlight will definitely come handy. And you can thank the accessory manufacturer Griffin for inventing one. The SmartTalk Solar from this company will have you all buzzed with excitement. The gizmo is currently being sold via the company’s own website and is priced at $69.99. If the idea sounds useful or plain fun, then read on to know about its cool features.

Griffin SmartTalk Solar speakerphone

The clean and green Griffin SmartTalk Solar juices up when it is exposed to sunlight. The gizmo works on a really simple principle. It can be attached to the windshield of any auto via suction pumps. The solar panels attached to the piece soak in sunlight and charge it up. The speaker will stay glued to the windshield for as long as you want. And in case you want to jabber with someone on the phone, just connect the piece to your handset and chatter away for hours without taking your hands off the steering wheel or worrying about the battery running dry.

Apart from the fact that it can juice up your phone for free, the gadget boasts of many handy features, which are similar to those found in other Bluetooth enabled speakerphones. You can sync it with other gizmos using Auto Connect. Also, two devices can be connected to the piece simultaneously owing to the multipoint technology it embeds. The voice command feature and a sizable multifunctional button add to its groovy appeal. Also, if you are particular about driving safely on the road, then just hook the DriveSafe App to this doodad.

Via: Phonearena / Cultofmac

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