GreenGru Airportscraper generates enough energy to power hybrid aircrafts

Skyscrapers have become a common sight and these multistory buildings have been greatly responsible for using space vertically than horizontally. Giving these amazing structures a clean and green streak is the GreenGru Airportscraper, which shoot up to a good 380 meters in the sky. The structure has an interesting shape and its capability to work as an energy station is worth applauding.

GreenGru Airportscraper

GreenGru Airportscraper has fetched heavy inspiration from the cranes that are seen almost everywhere near the site of construction. The name has been derived from the fact that the structure is capable of producing energy inside from a process dubbed as Artificial Photosynthesis Installation, which also defines the green status of the building and ‘Gru’ means tower crane in Italian from which the whole idea surfaced. The tendency of the top of its design to double as an airport gives it the tag Airportscraper. The building produces enough energy/power not only to run its own systems, but to power up the surrounding areas as well. The outside skin of the eye appealing tower has been inspired from the design of twisted rubber bands, giving it a spiral appeal.

Carbon nanotube reinforced steel has been used to fashion the mast of the GreenGru Airportscraper, which gets all the required stability from the large concrete counterweights underground. The face of the tower has been constructed from graphite. Graphite is almost six times lighter and ten times stronger than steel and this fact has been well exploited while fashioning the facade of the building. The environment that exists inside the building is apt for growing plants, as the outside of GreenGru creates a greenhouse effect inside it. This is possible as graphite is caked with zeolight, which is a polymeric carbon dioxide-absorber. This brings down the carbon dioxide levels and further exposing it to sunlight during the daytime lets the molecules to float away.

Cities are chocked with traffic, which makes vehicles move slower than expected. Well, fret no more! GreenGru Airportscraper will combat all such woes with its downtown airport that features at the top of the building and has a 300 meter runway. It will provide the much needed public transportation to all its residents via air, which is just awesome. Hydrogen electric hybrid aircrafts, fully automated will fly from atop the building, which will get powered by the hydrogen capturing process of the building. The runway gets all the required support from a truss structure made from carbon nanotubes, which is light in weight and rotates with the wind.

Power is generated with the help of a spinning, high speed turbine, which is fitted at the upper part of the building. The outside has been further wrapped with polymer-based solar cells, which are supple and light in weight. Usable energy is also produced by the mechanical system present inside, which tactfully separates the molecules of water while separately storing the oxygen and hydrogen cells. The first five floors as well as the ground floor is reserved for commercial use, while all the 80 other floors above it have residential as well as office areas. GreenGru Airportscraper is a new face of skyscrapers, which is self sustainable and bows down to all the modern day needs.

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