GreenCase is a cardboard laptop holder for eco nerds

Eco conscious computer users will love the idea of a clean and green portable workstation for their laptop. Made entirely out of cardboard, GreenCase boasts of many handy features. Firstly, it is real easy to carry around this slim and lightweight case. When you’re done working, just fold the case and secure the laptop inside by looping the thread around the button. Now, you can carry it effortlessly to your business meeting, coffee house or wherever else you are off to.


The GreenCase fits in a lot of other thoughtful elements. If you type on your computer incessantly, then you will really appreciate the angled keyboard holder of this case. The cardboard at the rear end can be folded and turned into a raised platform for holding the keyboard. This ergonomic position does not exert any stress on your wrist. In addition, the position aids in ventilating the laptop, thus keeping the problem of overheating at bay.

Most people place their phones close at hand while they are working. Also, paraphernalia like notebooks and files are always stashed on a work desk. This nifty case provides space for all these accessories. A smooth and leveled portion of the cardboard case opens up to form a mouse pad. A scratch resistant segment has been chalked out for placing smartphones. As the case is made from cardboard, you can take down messages or phone numbers on it. Also, A4 size sheets can be easily fitted into the case. So, you can put away documents in here. The ergonomic, practical and eco friendly laptop case has been designed by the product designer Mika Bector from Georgia, USA.

Via: Kickstarter

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