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Green Wheel hydroponic garden produces groceries inside your home

Originally developed by NASA as a hydroponic system for supplying food to astronauts traveling in a rocketship, this system has now been adapted for use in daily life also. The system essentially consists of a wheel, also known as a rotary garden, on which food crops can be grown. The garden supplies fresh ingredients and herbs that can be used for making salads. The system is efficient and highly dependable. It supplies ingredients on a continual basis.

The Green Wheel

Aesthetically though, the garden was given a facelift before it was adopted domestically. The stunning structure that holds a mesh along the periphery and flickering lights will look awesome standing inside your house or out in the balcony. A tubular light piece is suspended in the center. Also, the inside of the circle bears perforated vases. The plants are actually arranged around the main light source on the inside of the wheel, which looks delightful.

An engine is hidden inside the wheel rotates plants around. The plants get irrigated automatically with a pump and water reservoir. The perforated inner wheel holds the vases and cover vases. The coco fiber present in the vase supports the plants and its roots. In fact, the whole system is really easy to manage as it can be controlled with an application ready for download on your smartphone or tablet. You can regulate the temperature, water level and intensity of light with this app.

As you have a supply of produce right at home, your visits to the supermarket will be reduced drastically. Additionally, all ingredients used for cooking will be garden fresh. Moreover, it allows a wide variety of harvest to be grown inside your home. Furthermore, this eco friendly structure is a better choice over traditional gardens. It helps to save energy and conserve resources. As your trips to the market will decrease, you will be cutting down on cost of transportation as well as packaging. Also, the lights are arranged at the center of the wheel, which trims down its lighting consumption.

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