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The Green Wave Bus Stop unfolds a breezy design

The new Green Wave Bus Stop is here to make things all the more easier and user friendly. Being a concept in tow, the design of the bus stop is more like a green wave and incorporates an eco-friendly touch to it as well. Designed by Austin Frankel, a budding industrial designer from New Orleans, LA, USA. The bus stop is set to provide the maximum amount of light to its users even at night, all thanks to the inset solar panels attached on the flip side.

Green Wave Bus Stop

Including a concrete form and a paneled canopy, the Wave Bus Stop stands completed. The pleasing design of the bus stop is very different in its approach and caters to a person’s every possible desire and need. By this, it is simply said, the design has been crafted to provide maximum coverage from rain and the sun when in need. The side has been fixed with slits so that bikers can park their bikes when not in use.

The curvy design of the bus stand is what makes it truly appealing. The bench has been fixed to the ground, deriving its maximum support from a series of three rods, fixed to the ground completely. The bench is the main flowing part of the canopy, lending it a very hip yet a classy touch. Indeed, the green color of the stop accentuates every nook and corner of the happening bus stop which is just waiting to be developed into a reality.

[Cheers Austin]

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