Green Ribbon makes Toronto expressways a place worth visiting

green ribbon 01

Visiting bus stops and railway stations, swarming with vehicles and passengers, is an inescapable curse that we have to undergo each day. Offering a green and lively solution to the problem, Quadrangle Architects has come up with a renovation project called “Green Ribbon” for the Gardiner Expressway, Toronto. Stretching in the span of seven kilometers, from downtown Toronto to the western suburbs, the Green Ribbon will not just uplift the surroundings but also make the expressway is a worthy visiting place, which of course will be a blessing in disguise for the travelers.

Standing tall on the concrete columns, anchoring the roof structure, the linear park also provides separate pathways for pedestrian and cyclists. The visitors can have the access of the park at major intersections through ramps and stairways. Moreover, the expressway will possibly integrate wind turbines and photovoltaic panels to fulfill its energy requirements.

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Via: DesignBoom

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