Green parenting: Swish Sustainable Diaper Cleaning System

For new parents, getting rid of dirty diapers is a huge chore in itself. Though most new parents get a Diaper Genie at their baby showers or buy one before the baby is born, it still poses a huge sustainability problem for the planet-conscious folks. The only other option is using cloth diapers, but they too are hard to maintain since soiled diapers need to be either hand washed (which can be very time-consuming and icky) or thrown in the washer which causes concerns about contaminating other clothes. The unnecessary load of laundry again becomes a huge problem. Fortunately, designer Iven Dieterle has an ingenious solution to all new parents’ dirty cloth diaper dilemma.


The Swish Sustainable Diaper Cleaning System is an energy efficient stand-alone washer that can be used as a dedicated diaper cleaning system. The easy-to-operate washer combines the advantages of vertical and horizontal washers in one which makes it comfortable to use even when the user is tired from a hectic day.

The spherical shaped washer comes with an in-built photovoltaic and solar thermal energy collection system that powers the washer’s motors and also efficiently heats water to ensure cloth diapers are cleaned thoroughly and are decontaminated automatically without requiring the use of any additional disinfectants. The rotating washer can be tilted to the sides for easier loading and front-load washing.

The washer can then be spun on its axis to an upright orientation to use the spinning and drying functions. With a closed life cycle, the grey water leftover from the use of Swish Sustainable Diaper Cleaning System can be used to grow soap nuts for the next wash.

Via: Behance

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