Gravity LCD watch tells time with a difference

Of late, we have seen a number of creative time pieces presenting time in unusual ways, but one watch design that seems to have caught on the fancy is actually a gravity LCD watch by German designer Sam which follows a unique concept. In this watch, the display and the numbers are not attached together as found in most other watches. The numbers fall around freely since they are dependent on the watch’s orientation. According to the designer, the watch is a further extension of his very own tilt sensitive watch. The tilt sensor concept is given further wings in this creative design.

Gravity LCD watch puts time into free fall!

The watch works on certain principles. The watch’s orientation is measured by a tilt sensor located internally. The orientation data is translated into gravity data by a small program, making the numbers fall. This makes the numbers ever moving, no matter what the wearer does, unless the display is touched. When you touch the display with half finger instead of the finger tip, the backlight is highlighted. On removing the finger from the surface, the numbers are affected by gravity again. A dense LCD would provide better results. There is a small touch area which gives you the time and date while the big touch area gives you light.

The design is quite sober and sophisticated with the use of a simple square case which acts as the stage for the dancing numbers. The case apart from its unique design also fulfills varying tastes of various people. However, the case may be changed and adapted into whatever the wearer desires. So, the watch can get your creative juices flowing as well!

Via: Tokyo Flash

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