GPS Vibration belt gives freedom of movement to the visually impaired

Partially sighted people and blind often need to be dependent on others to move from one place to the other. They somehow lack the confidence to step out of the house alone as the fear of getting injured or lost grips their senses. But the advancement of technology has made designers to come up with products that will make this section of the society independent when it comes to moving around. Michael Kirke has come up with the GPS Vibration belt that will give blind a sense of direction through vibrations.

GPS Vibration belt

GPS Vibration belt is placed around the waist and can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. The desired destination is decided with the help of voice command that is inside the phone’s SatNav. All the GPS directions are converted into vibrations once the final destination is detected by the belt. The belt comes fitted with vibration pads on both left and right sides that give a clear indication when to turn. The vibrations will increase gradually when the turn is just 10 feet away. In case the turning is direct, the GPS Vibration belt will start giving off long yet solid vibrations and will only stop when the user takes the turn completely.

GPS Vibration belt will make blind all the more confident and will inject a sense of freedom in their dark life. It will easily replace the conventional white canes and guide dogs, while letting visually challenged lead a normal life like normal sighted people.

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