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Google brings GPS and mails at millimeters length to your retina

Fancy posing like Tom Cruise aka Ethan hunt from the famous Mission Impossible series when he wore those glares and read out a message. He threw away those glasses as an automated voice called out – this message will self destruct in five seconds – but you will definitely be keeping this pair brought from Google forever. Dubbed as Project Glass, these hi tech glasses are being developed by a team at Google X. Frequent travelers and globe trotters will be really kicked about this savvy contraption.

Project Glass

Just put these glasses on to view mails, web search results and also maps on a screen right in front of your eyes. GPS directions will be available whenever you need help to chart your way. Well, you can also video chat with these or even record and share videos with the camera implanted in the glasses. You can access weather forecasts from the world over. Also, all functions can be easily controlled with voice commands. In fact, you can trace friends who went astray while you were shopping together. All visuals will materialize on the small screen located at the top right corner.

The glasses actually run on a version of the Android operating system and embed a microphone icon often seen in Google products. Most probably motion sensors as well as 3G or 4G data connection will be included in the package. Google has staged this announcement to obtain customer feedback on these glasses. Though the search giant has not announced a release date yet, the specs will be out by the end of the year. Public testing will be conducted for some time and the goggles will retail for anywhere between $250 to $500. With this break-through Google seems to be a lot closer to its vision of wearable computing.

Via: Dailymail / Telegraph

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