Gold Rings Tree Mirror: Who’s that golden beauty?

gold rings tree mirror

The desire to catch a glimpse of oneself is quite strong in humans. We like to spend as much time as humanly possible before our vanity tool i.e. mirrors. So what if the reflection isn’t to satisfaction, there’s no possible reason that we can’t pamper ourselves with a stupendous looking mirror. Hence the Gold Rings Tree Mirror. More an article enhancing the décor than say something built for out and out utility, this fancy mirror has small glasses set in ellipses of gold. The Gold Rings Tree Mirror is a part of Morris Lapidus collection and has dimensions of 54W x 96H x 2D in. The metal leaf gold finish makes this one stand out on any wall of the room. You may also use this as a hand mirror with the extended handle cast in a similar mould. Of course if you can afford to be just a bit more extravagant, the manufacturers are ready to provide with custom sizes and finishes.

Via: Afpgroup

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