Go Spinning in the 360 Degree NASA Concept Car

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Design is one of the most important aspects of car-making for it’s where the making of a car begins as they say it all begins on a paper and ends when the wheels are affixed. To get more and more customers to buy a particular car, the design plays a very vital role indeed, for only the ones who know what they want buy a car of their choice and for the others, choice means a good design. In the times to come, car-designing would head towards a different domain where design with multiple benefits would be preferred. At that point in time designers like Marek Kedzierski and Michal Vlček would be hailed for their creations such as the NASA Concept Car. Ask me what is special about the design-well, it is the ability to rotate 360 degrees with extreme ease that inturn enables the car to be driven sideways. The only problem (which would hopefully be taken care off in the future) is the way the head is left outside, where the rest of the body is immersed in the car. The immediate solution could be the use of helmets but then it is supposed to be a car, a confusing automobile future beckons! More Images after the Jump.

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