Glow green with upcycled Leaft Lamp

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One look at the Leaft Wall Lamp by Stephan Siepermann and you’d easily gauge its ‘green’ credentials. But the eco-friendliness goes beyond just the leafy design. The materials that these leafs are made up of are upcycled and sustainable. Basically each plastic cast leaf is endowed with luminescent LEDs. These leaves are then arranged in varying numbers on a wire branch and then mounted on the wall. The LEDs draw minimal power and yet make for quite interesting interplay of shadows and light on the wall. The ambient glow weaves beautiful patterns and converts your wall into art pieces. Stephan wants to create ‘products which are end-stated, out-cycled of the loops of re-cycling or down-cycling’. His Leaft Lamp seems to have done exactly that.

Via: GreenUpgrader

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