Gizmo that saves energy at the blink of an eye

Do you need light in the room if you have closed your eyes? Didn’t think you would. After all, we do switch off the lights every day before going off to sleep. A new gizmo takes this principle a step further by shutting off the lights every time you blink your eyes! Energy saving appliances are getting creative by the minute and this one will definitely leave you amused.

Energy-Saving Light

Wondering how much energy can be saved by shutting off a device whenever you blink? Well, here are some relevant statistics. On an average, every adult blinks at least 10 times every minute. This means you blink 600 times in an hour and about 9600 times during the sixteen hours that you are awake each day. As a blink lasts anywhere between 100 to 400 milliseconds, the time period your eyes remain closed due to blinking amounts to about 8 hours every month! Saving that much energy every month doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

If saving energy seems like a far out concept, then cut the chase and think about your energy bill. Surely, a light that shuts off more often is going to expend lesser energy. You know what this means. Your energy bill will go down now. Surely, you could do with some cost cutting during these trying economic times. Moreover, applying this technology to any light piece is really simple. Just fix an EMG sensor to the light and you’re all set.

Also, the gag this gadget wields will definitely put a smile on many people’s face. Kids will love it and teenagers will be swept over. It definitely adds a fun vibe to any room and makes the owner look like a thousand times cooler. And you should consider the larger perspective. If a technology like this can be applied to other devices like televisions and computers also, then even more energy can be saved. One would be minimizing the carbon footprint of humankind globally with a small technological innovation.

Via: Dvice/ Instructables

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