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Give ‘air’ to the farmer in you… Raise a farm within your kitchen

Raising a farm is no mean feat. It’s no less work than nurturing a child. A very generous amount of dedication and physical labor goes in before you can even begin to spot the tiniest results. This is the reason why farmers are only farmers and nothing else. They must give their all to feed the millions of us. Nonetheless, there are urban folk who nurse a little farmer in them but due to constraints like time and space, keep the little guy suppressed. Nay more! No sickles, no harvesters, no soil. Wait, no soil? Yes, you heard it right. Let air be the sole nurturer of your “Kitchen Farm.”

Kitchen Farm

Welcome to Aeroponics, the practice of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil. Kitchen farm is a compact and contemporary design to grow vegetables under your kitchen roof without soil or sunshine. The key component of the Kitchen Farm is the air filter system. It is a system responsible for keeping away unfavorable and detrimental elements.

Being indoors, another great advantage of aeroponics is that it discourages insect breeding during plant growth. The Kitchen farm utilizes two bars of LEDs along with a reflecting board which ensures that light reaches all the vegetables inside evenly so as to aid photosynthesis. So suppress your gardening instincts no more. Soothe the farmer in you as well as your tummy with the crunch of fresh veggies. Let the sowing begin!

Via: Cargo Collective

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