Giant robots made using recycled Styrofoam


The ordinary:

Robots, our friendly help has been around for a while. They make life easier for us, helps us in achieving things that are otherwise a bit difficult for us. But when we think of giant robots, we are a bit hesitant. Will these robots have an impact on our environment? Can they do what they are really expected to do? Are they cost effective? Giving an answer to all such questions and more are the latest giant robots moving the streets of Darmstadt, Germany this summer.

The giant robots are absolutely great. Designed by Terraform One, these Archibots are completely eco-friendly and are made from recycled Styrofoam that initially came from the packaging that is used to handle our dear high tech products. The project is known as Creaturama and what it does is to take a fresh look at all objects that are otherwise discarded and act as waste material in the environment.


The concept of building robots out of Styrofoam came from the eco-conscious mind of Terraform team. The team tries to give us a greener world to live in and make what we think as junk more useable for us. The common way to see Styrofoam is a material to keep our tech gadgets safe. However, now it has itself taken the shape of a tech product with huge robots standing in front of us.

The extraordinary:

With the efforts put in by Mitchell Joachim along with his team at Terraform, now these wastes or thrown out material is put to good use. The recycled robots are a proven example that wastes can also be put to use and give some fantastic results. At the beginning it seemed like the project is not going to be successful. However, with repeated tests and a lot of efforts and experimenting, Mitchell Joachim has put together architecturally brilliant robots.

The making

The making of these eco-friendly robots is also interesting. In the workshop of Terreform ONE that was held for the Architektursommer Rhein-Main 2011, the team stated their vision of using what the city of Darmstadt throws away as trash. The city produces a lot of urban e-waste every day. A large section of this e-waste is packing material. Terreform makes use of these rejected elements to design architectural figures and follies. By physically joining these packing materials, the robots come to live. Each robot that is built is made to communicate a set of information regarding the energy and the ecological balance of the site. This is done by a feature of light color coding.

The target group:

These giant robots are exceptionally strong and even though they are built from Styrofoam, they can crush just about anything under their feet. So, if you are thinking that with a little blow these robots are going to fall apart, then think once more. The giant robots are definitely a piece of art and are a true example of how waste can be converted into something so magnificent.


The main focus is of course to make her environment healthier and a better place to be. To use the junk and to convert it to something useful and strong is what Terraform works on. These giant robots will help in giving a new look to the city and helping the entire community.

Related Trends:

The use of Styrofoam is not limited only to the making of robots. In the different segments of life, many eco-aware artists have come out with fantastic ways of using Styrofoam and making a difference. Whether it is through a garden or a lighting fixture, Styrofoam has definitely moved out of the garbage cans and entered into the world of art. Take a look at these new and wonderful ways of using Styrofoam and in return making our environment a little more green.

1. Vertical garden from recycled Styrofoam

Vertical garden

If you are running short on space then vertical gardens are a great way to go about it. Vertical gardens offer a number of ways of to make the set up of a living wall easier than before. The best thing of the entire concept is that you can now create a garden from Styrofoam that is completely eco-friendly and non-toxic as well. With a bit of effort you can make it yourself. You can become the envy of your neighbors with the eye-catching frames that can be created with vertical gardens.

2. Styrofoam F1 racecar

Styrofoam F1 racecar

The next great thing that you can do with Styrofoam is creating F1 race cars. Michael Salter has designed a life size Formula 1 race car fully out of Styrofoam. No doubt it is the latest buzz in town. Sadly, the engine is still not in place for it. Otherwise, it is definitely a good ride. What is better than having a pair of wheels that looks hot and is completely eco-friendly.

3. Pink Styrofoam Hummer

Pink Styrofoam Hummer

To use recycled material in a useful way is no less than a creative piece of work. It does the dual work of spreading awareness and also doing something that is important. One innovative way to express this great concept is to make a pink Styrofoam hummer. Designed by the New York based artist Aaron Hauck, a complete exhibit was put together showing paper, painting and sculpture use of Styrofoam. With the making of this hummer, the artists show the new face of modern consumerism. You can see these art pieces in an exhibition in East Central University in Ada and the Red Country Pictures’ Exhibit.

4. Styrofoam Chandelier

Styrofoam Chandelier

If we talk about computers then we also see the beautiful Styrofoam packing that comes with it to keep the gadgets safe. But have you ever thought of the different things that you can do with that packing material or it simply ends up in the waste basket? For most of us, it’s the waste basket. But the eco-conscious Eric Lawrence has found an innovative way to use this Styrofoam.

Eric has created a fantastic and grand chandelier that has 16 CFLs with 5W each. This unique and grand design has even got him a prize in the Design Within Reach Austin’s M+D+F competition. The best part of this chandelier is that it uses low power CFLs and also doesn’t give out any heat. So, we can proudly say that we have got one of the most energy efficient chandeliers of the world. The next time you think that garbage can’t light our homes, think again.

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