Get an all-new outdoor furnishing with the Vertical patio

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Are you planning for some redefining for your backyard? A new look may be? Worried that it doesn’t have much space to accommodate all your deemed ideas? It’s time for a break from all those anxieties as Pique Architecture is here to set your ideas fly high. Seems you don’t believe me! They have recently done the same for a lucky individual giving him all that he wanted, precisely, a grill patio, hot tub, changing room, dining table, bar, stool, reading area, and security gates, in a single and small backyard. Their latest venture is the Vertical Patio, which with the help of the foldaway technique makes the perfect use of your little backyard giving it a new and inimitable look yet saving on the space. So what you say, give it a try!

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Treehugger via Gizmodo

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