Gesture-based multitouch DJ table adds flavor to all-thing DJing

multi touch light table 01

DJing is possibly the latest and most entertaining form of music, scratching and mixing tunes to create an altogether different kind of music. Taking DJing to another level, designer Gregory Kaufman has produced an exclusive turntable named the “Multi Touch Light Table” that as depicted by its name uses a gesture-based interface to spin the virtual turntable with different taps and finger swipes, allowing the users to creating their own tunes. All you need to carry is a USB drive containing your own music and settings, and plug it into the light table (with optional regular DJ gear) to rock the club. Providing adequate space to accommodate two DJs simultaneously, the multitouch-enabled rig provides a great scope for improvisation.

multi touch light table
multi touch light table 02
multi touch light table 04
multi touch light table 03

Via: Engadget

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