Georgia Architecture: In Proximity with Array of Nature

aquarium and aviary building RHL2E 58

A perfect Sunday morning calls for nice outing with the family and what better than a place to be at this unique combination of a life size aquarium cum aviary. Apart from the big aquarium, the building also includes an aviary, a restaurant, café, exhibition space and auditorium. Don’t just start fanaticising for apparently it’s just a design by Zvi Hecker, but those dreams would get all the opportunity when this structure gains form in Batumi Georgia. As I told you that it would showcase a unique combination of birds and fishes, it would ultimately hint towards the evolution of mankind through various stages and that very insinuation is the expression it wants to cater to. Check out the picture gallery (after the jump) to see just how aptly the larger aviary enclosed by a mesh structure to give the visitors a closer peek at the birds with the combination of those oceanic creatures all around, is capable of leaving every visitor captivated.


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