Geo Spherical Concept Speakers for pitch perfect sound

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Sphere seems a great design idea for speakers; and spheres that can adapt themselves to provide perfect sound quality even more so. Geo is a concept for spherical speakers, a concept that lends itself to the ear quite literally. The designer placed 12 speakers inside a dodecahedron shape (12-surface cube) and then came up with a sphere to dress the outside. Creating spherical sound technology, thus, the designer conceptualized mobile speakers that can be placed at an ideal location to generate perfect sound. Geo can be hung high to make sound travel further in a room, or it can be placed at the ground level if the situation demands so. The movement is accomplished by 3 cables. One of these activates spinning ring while the other two account for sound input. Users can push or pull Geo to move the speakers to desired height. Geo sphere measures 170mm and is made of perforated polyurethane sheets and the rings are perforated coated aluminum. The rings function as visual diversion whenever speakers move up or down. We are not too sure about the physics of the entire mechanism but Geo seems high on visual and auditory appeal. It allows sound to be delivered right to the ear enhancing the entire experience. Check out some more pics of the concept that are beautifully rendered.

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Via: Productdesignforums

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