Genie Aroma Diffuser: Great design blends with usability!

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It depends on one’s proclivity whether he goes for the design alone or prefers usability over it. What if you get efficacy with a great design? Genie Aroma Diffuser is one such product that performs four functions at one time. You don’t need to compromise with looks either. The diffuser works as a humidifier, purifier, ionizer and a night lamp. This ultrasonic steamer has a beautiful curved shape; so very suggestive of urban lifestyle. Surely, it will add a certain fragrance to your indoors. This domestic device produces a hydrogen spa and lets you benefit from aromatherapy as well.

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Working on two modes i.e. continuous and alternate mode, this dispenser produces 2 hours’ and 5 hours’ cycles respectively. It can be used as a night lamp owing to the cool blue LED light that makes your interiors vibrant. Crafted in PCABS plastic and PET, Aroma Diffuser’s dimensions read Ø13x31cm. If you feel like having one, you can get it here for 149.95AU only.

Via: Toastliving

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