Generoso Parmegiani’s ‘Lady’ chair made of cardboard!

lady by chairs functional furniture lady generoso
Well, today we have something special for you and that is ‘Lady’. Don’t confuse as this is a complex yet simple cardboard chair. Yep, what makes it special is its design based on origami and it is sure to transport you back to your childhood. This chair is designed by Generoso Parmegiani and is made of cardboard double wave.

The chair closes to give you the space you need. It may sound complex, but, even reopening it into the chair design is easy and this may look light. But, it can amazingly carry the weight of over 200 kilograms! The dimensions measure 48cm in length, 70cm in breadth and 85cm in height. The color palette looks interesting and easy and the price reads 89 €.

Source: Nomadedesign

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