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Generating electricity by working out at the TGO Green Energy Gym

You must have seen the old age gadgets with a crank- the ones you power up by rotating the handle with your hands. They apply the fundamental concept of converting mechanical energy into power. New age technology has come so far off that people have forgotten the basics. Surely, a technology like this can be put to good use today when the fuel and energy prices are rising steeply. Also, the concept is promising for the future, when the energy crisis will reach an all time high.

TGO Green Energy Gym

It seems that the TGO Green Energy Gym has thought about applying this amazing idea. It has dubbed the phenomenon as Harnessing People Power. The energy you put in while working out at this gym is converted into electricity. Currently, this electricity is being used to light up the gym at night. But, if such a concept does succeed on a larger scale, then people will be able to power up their homes and work places by just toiling and moving around. Doesn’t this sound brilliant?

Also, the airy and suave gym openly flaunts its unique identity. All cardio machines and gym equipment have been placed out in the open. Bright neon hues and streamlined designs distinguish the structure. The lights embedded on the equipment and along the floor look absolutely terrific. The green color of the layout embodies what the gym stands for.

The phenomenal idea is being piloted in collaboration with the Hull City Council. Georgie Delaney, who is also the creative director at TGO, rants on about the Green Heart at Shaw Park in Hull. She envisions to open chains of the gym across the rest of UK also. The concept has tremendous potential to replace the traditional grid network people rely on for power supply. After all, who knew that there was a healthy way of generating clean and green energy?

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