‘Gemstones’ gives a new raw dimension to your living space decor

gemstones 05

Nowadays, return to nature or “Pantheism” is possibly for the catchword for the modern designers, for we time and again find the glimpse of raw nature in their works and designs. Following the “Yin and yang” technique, Israeli designer Maya Rozental has come up with a contemporary furniture unit dubbed “Gemstones” that promises a raw look to your living place. The indoor furniture includes a low table that features raw rocks or stones as legs, which requires no screws or glue and only combines the natural form of the rock with the Perspex. While on the other hand, the couch employing thermoforming technology looks like a rigid but at the same time soft and stylish pile of rocks allowing comfortable sitting. The Gemstones simply gives a new raw dimension to the decor of your living space.

gemstones 04
gemstones 01
gemstones 02
gemstones 03

Via: Studentdesign

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