Gear up for revolutionary breakfast times with V-Line concept

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We’ve come a long way from browning our bread and stirring up a cuppa coffee directly on fire! Today’s high-tech kitchen appliances give cooking a whole new meaning. And V-Line is an uber hot concept for dishing out a sizzling breakfast in the most unconventional manner. Featuring a glass toaster on the rear, the front of this cooking gadget includes a induction cooker that can boil your brew simultaneously. The glass element of the toaster is just right for those who end up munching the burned bread as you can keep a watch on how brown you want. Also you can keep your toasties warm on the induction part till you are done with the one in your hand. Designed by Thibault Masclet for Trophies Design De Dietrich 2008, it is mentioned that this V-Line concept is inspired by the rear windscreen of the car. Wonder why?

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Overall the designer gets my nod for sure for this high-tech, avant-garde, modish breakfast appliance that doesn’t occupy much space too.

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