GE Profile Model Refrigerator gets kitchen chores done in a jiffy

Mundane chores around the kitchen are a bore and take up a lot of time. A lot of people would like to get some help with odd jobs while they are cooking. If you are looking for savvy gadgets to help you out, then the GE Profile refrigerator outfitted with automated utilities, could be the answer. Priced anywhere between $1699 to $2999, the 29 cubic feet refrigerator that exceeds ENERGY STAR standards will help you get a breather every now and then.

GE Profile Refridgerator

There is no need to stand and keep a watch on the glass, pot, pitcher or bottle while they get filled up with water. The Hands-Free Autofill system stops the filling process once the container is full and doesn’t let water overflow. Sound waves from ultrasonic sensors and proximity detectors are applied by the intelligent system to ensure that the container gets filled to the brim after you set it down.

This fridge also has a hot water dispenser that can warm up about 12 ounces of water in just two minutes to any temperature desired. Who doesn’t need hot water in the kitchen? So, this facility is bound to make things easier. You don’t have to pop a bowl in the microwave or place a stove on the gas anymore. This is a hassle free and quick way of obtaining hot water. Also, the water filtration system conveniently slotted in the door removes about 98% of the five trace pharmaceuticals from drinking water as well as ice.

Temperature and humidity are maintained inside by the TwinChill evaporator that separates airflow and climate in the fresh food shelf and freezer. This system keeps odors from mixing together, cuts down on freezer burn and keeps food inside fresh for days together. Food items can be set at different temperature inside the drawer of this fridge. Whenever you change temperature settings inside the fridge, the LED lights on the drawer change color from red, green, aqua, blue to purple.

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