Gazebo by Novachi is scenic and expandable

Nothing quite matches the quiet and bliss of a little time in your very own garden. This is the ideal condition to rejuvenate and gear up for the turmoil ahead. A gazebo ought to serve just nicely for those looking for such a retreat. Boris Novachi is a young Austrian designer who has conceptualized a structure that is titled as “growing gazebo”. This is quite different from the structures that are normally constructed for the purpose in that it is a multi-function place. Of course, it is the right place for a little time outside (afternoon siestas, anyone?), but the structure also gladly doubles up as storage unit too. Boris has envisioned using metal, hand-woven rattan and oak board to construct the gazebo that has three separate units at varying floor levels. Each of these levels is equipped with independent shading system. Growing Gazebo is a design worth considering if a summer retreat is next up on the list of additions to your home.


Via: Novachi.blogspot

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