Gardens by the Bay to create tropical environment in Singapore

solar trees garden 01

Commissioned by Singapore’s National Parks Board to design the Gardens by the Bay, Grant Associates in association with Gustafson Porter is set for the largest garden project in Singapore. Spreading in a 101-hectare area around the Marina Bay resort, the massive garden comprises a “Cool Moist” biome and a “Cool Dry” biome, growing plants and flowers from the Tropical Montane (Cloud Forest) and Mediterranean environments respectively.

The lush green space also feature super-tall structures, ranging from 30-55 meters in height, in the form of solar trees surrounded by flowers, epiphytes and ferns to create the tropical environment around the banks of Marina Barrage. Though the gardens are due to open in 2011, they will also include water gardens with terraces, a Boat House Piazza and an education center, elaborating the symbiotic relationship between plants, animals and water in an aquatic ecosystem in the second phase.

solar trees garden 02
solar trees garden 03
solar trees garden 04
solar trees garden 05

Via: World Architecture News/Trendhunter

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