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The round garden by DesignLibero answers all interior gardening doubts

If you are someone who has a heart for growing plants and herbs but have to always arch your shoulders for limited space and lighting, then here’s something that should perk up your greenery senses. The amazingly conceptualized Green Wheel by DesignLibero is a new futuristic-looking indoor garden that offers people a great medium to grow plants and herbs.


Designed extremely innovatively, the planter however derives inspiration from the NASA design and enables you to seamlessly cultivate your favorite plants and herbs indoors where there’s inadequate lighting and space. Although the entire layout looks pretty interesting yet promising for those who love greenery, the indoor garden concept was originally a concept that NASA thought of somewhere in the 1980s.

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Well, whosoever’s idea this is – a hats-off is something undoubtedly to be bagged. Nevertheless, the rotating green garden not only catches attention for providing a large output, but also grabs additional points for conserving energy and space. But what really contributes to the model’s less energy consumption characteristic is the embedded structure that allows plants to be arranged around the light source.

Pretty interestingly, as the planter’s wheel spins, the unique Green Wheel automatically waters the plants and keeps them growing. What may intrigue even further is the futuristic looking planter’s inherent ability to hold up to eight feet of plants and its root. Too good for today’s restricted spaces, isn’t it?

Well, though DesignLibero is yet to divulge some more details on the exact mechanism, the model still looks incredible enough to accommodate around. Featuring an extremely clean, exquisite appearance, the Eco-friendly rotating appliance has (indeed) got all the right reasons to embellish your house’s elegant layout. The indoor garden which has been inspired by the NASA design, however, is yet to remove the sheath off its availability.

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