Futuristic vehicle inspired by the BMW Vision, a cow’s skull and a backpack

What do you get when you put together a backpack, a cow’s skull and the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car? For a common man, the answer to that query would be a very Gothic piece of auto-branded luggage. But for designer Adrian Candela, the combination of these disparate entities brings on the vision for a futuristic mobility solution he likes to call The Backpack.

Form backpack

The concept for The Backpack remains, for the moment, just a form study. But it does throw up the delicious possibility of turning into a truly remarkable and stylistically sharp vehicle at some point in the future. It may be less traditional than anything we know of at the moment yet the concept is equally valid in future urban mobility solution segment.

The concept uses the standard components found on a traditional backpack, namely the small front pocket, the straps and the main compartment, and sizes them progressively to be 1/3 the size of the latter entity. All the three components are then envisioned in a curious “S” shape, which is further divided into thirds to ensure that the bulk of the weight of the mass remains concentrated on the top.

The secondary and tertiary parts are intentionally so positioned to appear as if they are separated from the main part. Using the overall form asymmetry and use of negative space as featured in the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car, the Backpack develops into a highly unusual though equally interesting concept for a vehicle that could be absolute genius if the designer throws a few wheels onto it.

Via: Adrian Candela

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