Futuristic media shapes up for 2015 with Mayo Nissen’s Guardian

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The most authentic and time-tested style of the media, newspaper (read news in papers), is loosing ground to the modern techie option of e-papers flashing on your screens. And with the numbers of trees uprooted for making of paper, isn’t it time that we swap our pack of black-n-white texted paper for an avant-garde ‘newspaper’? Designer Mayo Nissen puts across his vision of the newspaper for 2015. Featuring a rolled-up form, this newspaper will use flexible e-ink display. And since every Tom, Dick and Harry isn’t interested in every bit of word typed there, Mayo’s version allows a controlled style of displaying news. Based on physical form, when rolled up a brief update of headlines will fit the front and if intended to be read in depth, then simply expand it.

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Being controlled by the reader, this is likely to depend on current needs, context, and available time, as well as the content on offer at any one time. However there isn’t much said about its connectivity and other techie details. If only the designer sheds more light on this project, we can actualy look forward to see such a revolutionary news source by 2015.

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