Futuristic ‘Kitchen drop of O’ cuts way back on waste

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Using green home appliances to save on energy and water has become more of a trend among eco-conscious people. In an attempt to make the heart of your home more inviting, designers Lestang Erwan and Mikael Bitton have collaborated to design the “Kitchen drop of O” as part of the Design Awards 2009 De Dietrich. This futuristic kitchen has been designed with the intention to reduce wastage of water and energy. This eco kitchen island can also recycle 60% of the water and heat used. Stylishly made in corian, the kitchen features a valve electronic sensing infrared controllable via a screen can restrict the flow of water. A built-in system uses the heat from the refrigerator compressor to heat water. Moreover, the half moon crescent shape has been chosen since it resembles the shape of a drop of water, thereby recalling the value of water on earth. The innovative and unique “Kitchen drop of O” concept aims at maximizing potential savings for consumers, while minimizing the effects on the environment.

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Via: LeblogDeco

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