Futuristic battery designs to ensure you’re packed with power

Some interesting concepts have been added to make batteries last long and mainly two areas have been given thrust and those are, its capacity and recharge. Besides these two concepts, many more functions are added to batteries to allow them to run in a multi-functional era. To make you familiar with the multi-functional batteries, we have compiled a list of seven battery designs that ensure that you are packed with power all the time.

The Wind Up Battery by Qian Jiang

The concept of recharging the batteries through cranking is brought by Qian Jiang, which is a unique and new concept in the market. The Wind Up battery is a battery cell with a spring handle, which is used for cranking to recharge the batteries. The battery charge will be full by cranking it just for 20 minutes. The green light is indicator of low or empty battery and the red light is shown when the battery power is full. This battery can be recharged by the conventional battery charger, thus providing the flexibility.

Hungry Batteries by Mac Funamizu

The Hungry Batteries are the batteries that allow us to know about its power capacity. Mac Funamizu has designed the batteries in a manner that they get slimmer and slimmer as they run out of power, indicating the users to recharge it. This is a new concept that allows us to check the power of batteries by just looking at them. The slimmer it is, emptier the battery is.

IF Battery Concept by Qian Jiang & Yiying Wu

It is the era of multi-functioning where a single device functions in many ways and for many purpose. Keeping this thing in mind, Qian Jiang & Yiying Wu designed the IF battery that allows to run the device when they are powered and also has a pin on its top that pops out for charging it. This pin can be plugged into socket directly and eliminates the need for recharging station. This allows you to keep the batteries full of power and ensure that they do not run of power.

AtoD Rechargeable Battery by Pyeong Joo Goh, Jong Seung Choi & Ji Soo Hong

Batteries need to be of proper size to be fit in a particular device, but in case if bought batteries of wrong size then they are of no use. This cannot be the case if you buy AtoD rechargeable batteries as these are adjustable and can fit to any device that offers you a flexible range of size. These batteries are made up of memory form and have the capability that they can be squeezed to fit in the slot. The batteries can be recharged again and can be reused to fit into all slots. As it’s made from memory form, it squishes to the required size in a squeeze. 1.5 Volts of Nickel Hydroxide power is what you get; recharge it and use it.

Switch Battery by Ren Tong & Luo Jie

Ren Tong & Lue Jie launched the Switch batteries that avoids the wastage of unused power of batteries and provides long life to them. A switch is placed on the batteries that can be put off when unused; actually, you are switching the anode off that prevents the current from flowing. This is a good method of preventing the power of batteries resulting in economy of power, time and energy.

Lighting Battery by Lu Yi

Lu Yi launched a normal looking battery with a lighting structure to brighten up the lives of users. These batteries use minitype LED in the opening on anode and cathode of the battery covering the conductive foil under the battery package film, which facilitates on and off functions. The production cost of these batteries is comparatively low as it uses cheaper but quality components. LED provides a long service life and is environment friendly as recycling is achievable. These low cost components add new function to a battery.

Icon Battery by Essential TPE

The Icon battery uses the EL lighting technology and is the first to do so in the world. It is designed for iPhone and matches its sophistication level and delivers the battery power. It shows the battery power status by its EL lighting technology. It can provide power that can feature talk time up to three hours and audio playback up to 18 hours. These Icon batteries are compatible with 3G and 3GS. These batteries can add life to your iPhone and can be carried out when you are running out of power.

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