Future Urban Mobility: Semi-public electric vehicle to replace fossil fuel cars

future urban mobility 04

Visualizing the future of urban mobility, a team to designer, including Juan David George, Martin Miklica, Kevin de Niet, Roel van Otterloo, Martin Paclt, Ronald van Gils and Dick Mckecnie, has come up with a semi-public electric vehicle that will replace fossil-fuel burning cars to ensure safe and sustainable commutation. Accommodating six passengers, with possibility of carrying disable person using a ramp, in comfort, the concept vehicle features a separate cabin with higher floor, adjustable seat and sliding door for the driver. While on the other hand, the passenger cabin presents collapsible roof that opens to provide better view of the surroundings. Integrating bi-xenon headlights and LED directional lights, the Future Urban Mobility (FUM) also includes HUD display and iPad controls for better navigation. Moreover, you can remove passenger seats to use it as a cargo vehicle.

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